Hotel Restaurant Domgarten,

Neustädter Str. 9, Inhaber Familie B. Aue


The house was built in 1827 by the hussar's major of Gilsa as a mansion.
The stone in the wall to Neustädterstrasse shows his family coat of arms.
Major of Gilsa was a captain, late major and commander of 3. Eskadron of 2. Kurhessischen hussars of regiment, with his stick and 1. and 3. Eskadron between 1821 and 1831 in Fritzlar was stationed.
Pencil men of the Saint of Petri pencil lived not in a monastic community, but with own household in own houses to the sogennaten "Curias".
The Curia in Neustädterstrasse 9 was called “ curia in acie ”, Curia on the corner or Curia on the corner to the Münster lane.
The following owners or inhabitants are provable among other things: Heinrich Decani 1226-1259 (more only known owner) and the Scholaster Nikolaus Trott 1422-1453 (of the last known owners).


Construction-historically are to be followed still from the Kurialen time coming cellar and the verbal tip to a built with a cellar chapel in the today's garden area.
The former Curia building connects medieval history with modern catering trade ambience. According to rumors a meanwhile bricked up tunnel connected the old foundations with the cathedral.
After a basic renovation in the 2004-2005 year the hotel restaurant cathedral garden was anew opened in spring, 2005 by the owner's family in the 2-nd generation.

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